Tonnes of co2 avoided


Tonnes of co2 removed

Carbon Negative

We've created a carbon tax, creating CO2 costs us money! So we do all we can to avoid it.

Two Drifters is fully aware that issues facing the climate can only be reduced if businesses, no matter what size, start to measure and be openly accountable and transparent about their actions.

Two Drifters use carbon removal, with Climeworks, like a carbon tax.

It’s a fantastic, essential technology that comes with a high price tag. This financial burden means it is far cheaper for us to avoid creating CO2 than it is to remove it, so we avoid creating it wherever possible.

For instance, we have an electric distillery run on 100% renewable energy, electric vehicles, carbon neutral packaging and courier, sustainable merchandise, closed loop chilling system, our new bottle design creates significantly less CO2. All this means less tax for us to pay.

However, there is CO2 that we can’t avoid, for instance shipping the molasses, farming the sugarcane, glass bottle production, haulier etc. Here we either look for a sustainable alternative or we physically remove with Climeworks. We remove more than our entire footprint creates, giving us a negative footprint.

Our values

We partner with a wide variety of businesses to ensure our processes and products are the best quality and cause the least amount of environmental impact.

  • Not harming the planet
  • Avoiding CO2 emissions as primary and remove anything remaining
  • Still enjoying things we love, but in a socially responsible way

Our products

It's not just the making of the rum, that we take into account. We think about every part of the packaging too.

  • Natural cork
    FSC wooden top
  • Tamper seal
    100% compostable
  • Carbon negative rum
  • Glass bottle
    Light and British made
  • Label
    95% sugarcane fibre (waste material) and 5% hemp & linen

Our partners

To offset any CO2 produced we partner with Climeworks who are experts in carbon capture. We also partner with Carbfix, who turn the captured CO2 into stone and store it underground