How It's Made

At Two Drifters, every aspect of the process is carefully controlled and measured.

Rum Distillery

There is skill and craft in every process, the Two Drifters rum is unique and delicious because of the care and attention dedicated to each stage.

  • 100% molasses, yeast, water & nutrients fermented for 7 days with % of dunder from last fermentation
  • Transferred to kettle for stripping run (1st distillation).
  • Waste molasses sent to a local farm
  • Transferred to pot stills for spirit run (2nd distillation)
  • Transferred to column still for 3rd distillation (Pure White Rum only)
  • Diluted to required ABV with our signature purified Devon water
  • Pot & Column still rum blended, filtered & bottled (Pure White Rum only)
  • Pot still rum spiced, filtered & bottled (Lightly Spiced Rum & Overproof Spiced Pineapple Rum only)
  • Pot still signature rum coloured with burnt sugar (Signature Rum only)