The Distillery

Two Drifters Distillery is based in an Aircraft-style hangar near Exeter Airport.

Two Drifters Rum Distillery

For about 6 months it was a brewery and a distillery but after overwhelming demand for the rum Two Drifters converted all of the brewery equipment to make even more rum.Taking them from 80 bottles of rum per week to over 2,000 bottles per week.

Unlike many British 'rum distilleries,' that buy in Caribbean or South American rum, Two Drifters make their rum from the raw ingredients. The entire process takes place in the distillery from molasses delivery all the way to your doorstep. This means we have total control over every step of the process from fermentation through to double or triple distillations, to dilution using our pure reverse osmosis water, through spicing and bottling. Allowing Two Drifters to craft a truly unique premium rum that show's off the fermentation and distillation skill and balance of flavours in every bottle we produce.

British Rum Distillery
British Rum Distillery


All of the equipment in the distillery is electric.

All of the energy supply at the distillery is on a renewable-only tariff through the grid, specifically there are no emissions associated with energy production, not even bio-fuels are used. The energy make up is a mixture of wind, tidal, solar and nuclear energy. This reduces the carbon footprint of the distillery by around a third compared to most other distilleries.