Our Story

Two Drifters Distillery is the perfect blend of rum, science, innovation and passion.

Gemma and Russ, Founders

At the core of Two Drifters is the constant desire to improve. To strive for perfection in our rums, to constantly search out and implement new or improved sustainable technologies, to inspire others to be more sustainable.

Born out of an idea whilst working in Vancouver, Canada and brought to reality in 2019. Two Drifters is a distillery founded by Russ and Gemma Wakeham a husband and wife team from Devon. From Gemma and Russ's first date (rum tasting) through to their honeymoon (St. Lucia) rum has been at the heart of every major event (and most Friday nights).

The name Two Drifters comes from Gemma walking up the aisle on their wedding day to Moon River and both knowing that it meant, 'Two Drifters off to see the world.' Chemistry took Russ and Gemma far and wide, but they both knew that Devon was home and where they wanted to be. 

Two Drifters Bottles

“As of right now we are influencing how the drinks business (and indeed all businesses) think about the production of their products with a view towards their carbon footprint.”

Two Drifters mission is to capture 1% of the UK rum market by 2025 and to have 1% of the Global rum market by 2030. We aim to achieve this without harming the earth by producing all of our rum with a carbon negative footprint.


Russ's academic career focused on chemistry research into carbon capture, storage and utilisation, trying to make CO2 have value. It's often hard to visualise CO2 as an issue, it is a colourless gas that has a dramatic effect on the planet's atmosphere but is often overlooked in lots of areas of life, because you can't see an invisible pile of CO2 building up in the sky. Plastic pollution is VERY visual and therefore much simpler to relate to, it is fantastic and right the attention and progress being made in combating plastic pollution, although there is plenty more to do! If CO2 had a colour, it would be hard for the world and businesses to ignore. Raising this awareness is the passion and mission for Russ and now Two Drifters. The simple truth is that it is much easier to have this discussion and consider what can be done over a delicious glass of Two Drifters rum.