Signature Rum

40% ABV
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French Oak, ex-Madeira casks have been adding a delicious flavour to our rum for a year. With gentle flavours of orange peel and muscovado sugar, this is just the beginning of our cask story, and demonstrates the future of Two Drifters Distillery.

We chose French Oak, ex-Madeira casks for two reasons; firstly, due to the nature of our fermentation process, our rums have a subtle orange aroma to them, so Madeira is the perfect choice. Secondly, we used less CO2 emissions shipping the casks to us in Exeter. 

It's a dry rum, aimed at highlighting the care and attention we take in crafting our rums and showcasing our rum profile. Add a few ice cubes to really enhance the flavours but is also a great addition to your favourite rum mixer.